A child needs to sleep close to his mother until he is 3 years old

Babies from birth need their parents more than even breathing. It is vital for them both physically and emotionally that their parents are by their side all the time, that they take care of them, feed them, guide them and provide them with all the unconditional love they need in order to have a good general development. Do you know how long your child should sleep with you? Neither 9 months nor 6 years, science says that the ideal is 3 years.

Up to three years

There are three years that your child needs to sleep next to you to feel protected and bond with you and thus obtain physical and emotional benefits. Here’s what research led by pediatrician Nils Bergman, a pediatrician at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, says.

Nils says that parents should not accustom their child to sleep in another bedroom since he is just a few months old because what the little one needs is to be next to his parents and rest with them, at least until he is 3 years old. Nils comments that in this way both the child and the mother can rest more and obtain a much closer bond than if each one sleeps in their own room.

According to their research, a child has much less stress when sleeping with his mother because he feels more protected in all aspects, both physically and emotionally.

Better development

Children who sleep well will have better physical, mental and emotional development because they will rest more and better, will be calmer all the time, will learn better and will have a much greater emotional balance than those children who rest worse at night. Nils links this directly to resting with parents, if they sleep with their parents they will rest more than if they sleep alone. Furthermore, children who sleep with their mothers are believed to grow up more independent than if they sleep alone.

There are parents who worry that if they sleep with their young children they will never want to sleep alone and that they will always be in their beds, but in reality, there will come a time when the little ones will tell their parents that they want to sleep in their bedroom. This will come when you have the confidence and assurance to do so.

Syndrome of sudden infant death

There are many specialists who assure that sleeping with parents can increase Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, although Nils says that this does not happen only from sleeping near the parents, but rather from toxic smoke, large pillows or dangerous toys . He comments that these situations must be avoided by maintaining safety in the bedroom, because sleeping with the mother does not mean that they sleep in the same bed, far from it … but rather that what they need is to sleep in the same room.

Be that as it may, whether you sleep with your children in the same bedroom or not, you should know that you are doing it well and that what your child really needs is to know that you are there. If he calls you at night, go quickly to his claim and he will feel just as safe as if you have him in the same bedroom.…

The best age to take your child to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is great. There is no doubt. Its universe of magic, color and light falls in love with young and old alike. But to fully enjoy that enchanted kingdom, it is better to plan the trip in detail or else that dream scenario can turn into a nightmare. The first question you will have to ask yourself is what is the best age to take your child to Disneyland.

Traveling to Disneyland with a baby?

It is not an impossible mission, although not recommended. You can bring your own stroller to move around the park without problems or you will even have the option of renting strollers or chairs for larger children at the entrance.

However, just because Disneyland makes it easy for parents with babies to stay doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go with them. Your baby will not enjoy much and, if he is one of those little ones who get nervous with noise, it is definitely not a recommended trip.

However, if you have an older child and you don’t want to wait, you can travel to Disneyland Paris with your baby without problems. Later, when he grows up, you can plan another getaway to enjoy the attractions of the park.

From what age do children begin to enjoy Disneyland?

Every kid is a world. Every family too. But in a general sense, the little ones will be able to enjoy Disneyland when they start to watch TV and recognize the Disney characters. Therefore, the ideal age to plan the first trip could be around 2 and a half or three years. If we take into account that children under three years old do not pay admission, the argument is even more compelling.

Actually, this stage is magical to plan the trip to Disneyland because children have not yet lost their illusion and many believe that Mickey or Minnie are real. They will be very excited to find and embrace the cartoons they have seen on television. When they grow up, seeing these characters won’t have the same impact.

It is true that at that age some children will not want to enter many of the attractions and for others they do not even have the required height, but you can enjoy other attractions designed for the little ones, take the opportunity to collect autographs and photos of their favorite characters or enjoy of the famous Disney parades where all the characters that your child has seen on TV come together in one place. More than one child gets very excited, claps and screams with happiness.