How Stylish Are You -When It Comes To Being A Mom? 

Are you more of a traditional mom or the trendy one? It is difficult to say as many facets are attached to being a mother, though love is bound to be there in every move you make and every glance you give to your baby. But while looking at it from another point of view, you can readily watch out for the kind of accessories you can carry. Parenting blogs like Baby Journey review site tend to cover insights on this type of topic, so you can always check them out for ideas.



How to become a better mom

First and foremost, the basic trademark that makes you recognizable as a mother is the diaper bag you carry. Gone are the days when there was no shortage of those large-hounded bags which looked awful. There are better ways to carry your baby’s stuff in the bags that we are going to talk about. There are indeed many varieties that you can pick from the best diaper bags that can make carrying the baby stuff a lot more fun. We shall check out which bags can be more suitable for you, so do look into that. 

To put it right for you, there are many bags that you can pick from the online store, but that variety is so huge that choosing and locating a single bag becomes difficult. It often happens that you get tired of browsing the bags and their variety so much that you end up ordering the one which comes on the first sight. Initially, you should think about the quantity of child dolls, your infant young lady has. To make things easy for you, we have tried to break down the classification into the following categories, which helps you pick the right one for you:


Embroided bags 

These bags look very classy and traditional; if you are carrying these bags to places that are more of old-fashioned sorts, then pick this bag along with you. Put in your closet some of the best-looking bags so that you can carry them on particular occasions. When it comes to this bag, you can carry it for an official gathering so that you do not look like an out-of-the-tune mom. 


Multipurpose bag 

Difficult to carry the purse alongside the big diaper bag; if yes, then go for the one that serves you with extra space to keep your sleek purse in it. When you are heading towards a congested place, then this bag is indeed a boon. You can also carry some of your important stuff like the emergency stuff, and everything is in a single place makes it easier for you to reach out for things.


For a sporty mother 

If you go to the gym, then a sling bag can serve your purpose well. This kind of bag is sleek yet spacious enough to accommodate everything that your baby needs. In the small section provided, you can also keep your shampoo and clothes alongside the towel. 

Pick the bag as per your needs and be hassle-free when exploring places along with your baby. Don’t hesitate to read more reviews on to find out more info.

A child needs to sleep close to his mother until he is 3 years old

Babies from birth need their parents more than even breathing. It is vital for them both physically and emotionally that their parents are by their side all the time, that they take care of them, feed them, guide them and provide them with all the unconditional love they need in order to have a good general development. Do you know how long your child should sleep with you? Neither 9 months nor 6 years, science says that the ideal is 3 years.

Up to three years

There are three years that your child needs to sleep next to you to feel protected and bond with you and thus obtain physical and emotional benefits. Here’s what research led by pediatrician Nils Bergman, a pediatrician at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, says.

Nils says that parents should not accustom their child to sleep in another bedroom since he is just a few months old because what the little one needs is to be next to his parents and rest with them, at least until he is 3 years old. Nils comments that in this way both the child and the mother can rest more and obtain a much closer bond than if each one sleeps in their own room.

According to their research, a child has much less stress when sleeping with his mother because he feels more protected in all aspects, both physically and emotionally.

Better development

Children who sleep well will have better physical, mental and emotional development because they will rest more and better, will be calmer all the time, will learn better and will have a much greater emotional balance than those children who rest worse at night. Nils links this directly to resting with parents, if they sleep with their parents they will rest more than if they sleep alone. Furthermore, children who sleep with their mothers are believed to grow up more independent than if they sleep alone.

There are parents who worry that if they sleep with their young children they will never want to sleep alone and that they will always be in their beds, but in reality, there will come a time when the little ones will tell their parents that they want to sleep in their bedroom. This will come when you have the confidence and assurance to do so.

Syndrome of sudden infant death

There are many specialists who assure that sleeping with parents can increase Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, although Nils says that this does not happen only from sleeping near the parents, but rather from toxic smoke, large pillows or dangerous toys . He comments that these situations must be avoided by maintaining safety in the bedroom, because sleeping with the mother does not mean that they sleep in the same bed, far from it … but rather that what they need is to sleep in the same room.

Be that as it may, whether you sleep with your children in the same bedroom or not, you should know that you are doing it well and that what your child really needs is to know that you are there. If he calls you at night, go quickly to his claim and he will feel just as safe as if you have him in the same bedroom.…